About Balkanski & Partners

The dynamic development of the legislation and business-environment that our clients are operating in and also the different fields of activities, put us on daily bases to challenges that we have to overcome successfully. We believe that the competent assessment and the fast and adequate reaction in a situation may be provided only by high professionalism and devotion on part of our lawyers. That is why the requirements to each member of our team are to have comprehensive knowledge in the regulation basis and in the legal doctrine and to take maximal efforts in defending the interests of the client. These are requirements that we are not making compromises with.

Our experience in servicing corporate clients convinced us that the above said are only part of the prerequisites for providing high quality legal services. Equally so important are the good knowledge of the client‘s business, the competitive environment that it is working in, its trust and the good interaction.

That is why our partnership is focused on the overall legal servicing of the activities of the regular clients, by providing to them guarantees that they have on our part reliable partner, which is acquainted with their problems and that they always may rely on our support.

With many of our clients we are together in a large number of undertakings. During our joint work we have overcome jointly not one critical situation and problem, we have provided consultations in the taking of any important for their activities decision.

All these gives us the confidence to state out that we know our clients and they know us as well.